[TOTD]: Rihanna’s “You Da One” Gets a Dreamy Flip by Drewsthatdude

HW&W member DrewsThatDude takes a risky move posting his flip of Rihanna’s original song “You Da One.” He takes this tune and twists it into his own rendition with more dreamy vibrations providing for a perfect tune to start your Sunday morning. With Soundcloud’s current situation with the music industry, we won’t know how long this remix will be available to the public before Soundcloud strikes again! (Hopefully never…*knocks on wood*) Drew was also kind enough to provide a FREE download for this fuego, so grab yours now before it’s too late!

If you’re in the OC/LA area on Thursday 09/29/16, you might want to catch DrewsThatDude along with Tek.Lun at the Observatory in Orange County for their latest HW&W Fam Bam Party! Tickets could be purchased HERE.

Check out other sounds by DrewsThatDude here:


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