[TOTD]:You Have to Listen to This Remix of Flume’s “Wall Fuck”

Hopefully, you have heard all of Flume‘s new album “Skin” by now. “Wall Fuck” was a song that stuck out to NSD the most due to its low frequencies and unpredictability. Flume did an amazing job on the track and it easily became NSD’s favorite song off the album. Just when we thought “Wall Fuck” could not get any better, William comes around to prove everyone wrong.

This track stays true to the original version for the most part, but William adds a layer of synths, strings and drums to create the epic build up in the beginning. The drop after the epic build up was what blew our minds. With such high and low frequencies, the two extremities collided and balanced everything out. Not to mention the panning was awesome as well. WIlliam did an amazing job on this remix, and we hope to hear more releases from him soon.

Listen to & Follow William. on Soundcloud!

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