[CULTURE]: NestHQ Documentary of Brownies & Lemonade Explains Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out on their Shows

Fan Fiction from NestHQ produced a documentary that followed the best party scenes around Los Angeles curated by the Brownies & Lemonade crew. B&L was set up to accommodate the artists that weren’t to be booked on a normal basis and to accommodate fans of Soundcloud. B&L really brought out the underdogs in the Soundcloud world, and this is what makes them so unique compared to buying expensive tickets to the next upcoming Insomniac Festival. Promnite describes B&L as the new Boiler Room “where you don’t have to pay a lot of money, but you get to be around someone you really look up to musically.”


From NSD’s personal experience, B&L is still our absolute favorite show to attend to when we’re in LA. We went to our first B&L show almost two years ago on Halloween 2014, when Noi, Promnite & Fortune played at Lock & Key, a local bar/speakeasy in LA. By that time, there was probably only around 30-40 heads present. It was real intimate and the show was super live. I remember coming up to Noi to say what’s up, and his response was “You know me?”

Noi to the left. Promnite to the right.

Two months after, we go to our second B&L show and this is when we knew Brownies & Lemonade was going to be our favorite event curators on the planet. December 2014, they bring in the Moving Castle crew including Manila Killa, AOBeats, Hunt for the Breeze, and Yung Wall Street from the East Coast. That night still remains to be one of my favorite B&L events. Everyone was there for the music. The vibes and everything else about the event was just absolutely sensational. This was the event BoogieMade set up their first merch booth to sell their Limited Edition MVNGCSTL long sleeves.

Top left with Manila Killa, Bottom Left with Yung Wall Street, Right with Hunt for the Breeze

Ever since, we’ve been going to B&L shows whenever we could get the chance! We’ve seen so many great artists that we would have never gotten the chance to see anywhere else in the world. Big shoutout to Kush and his B&L crew for making this all happen. It’s crazy to go to one of their first shows in 2014 with 30-40 heads and now attending their event with hundreds of people ready to vibe with the talent they bring in. Thanks B&L ❤ Much love.

…But don’t take our word for it. Listen to Skrillex, Anna Lunoe, Jai Wolf, Nina Las Vegas, Manila Killa, Mark Johns, Shawn Wasabi, CRNKN, Tdoyle, Y2K, and Lil Aaron speak on their behalf as well.. LOL

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