[RELEASED]: “Love Somebody” by Ta-ku x Wafia Receives a Twist By Mr. Carmack

There has been a movement curated by Ta-ku and Wafia on their recent collaboration (m)edian EP. The two have been traveling the world and performing amazing live performances. NSD had the chance to see the pair at CRSSD Festival down here in San Diego, CA earlier this month! “Love Somebody” a track from their (m)edian EP, was remixed by none other than Aaron Carmack, himself.

This remake made us miss the summer vibes that came along with this track. We deeply believe anything Carmack touches turns into gold, and this track is no different. With a deep, melodic rhythm, many on Soundcloud were creating a new genre of “C-house” (Carmack House). If this is the case, Carmack House > All other house music. (;

If you’re in the San Diego Area, don’t forget to catch Carmack at the Observatory in North Park on 10 December 2016!

More from Carmack!

More from Ta-ku!

More from Wafia!


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