[RELEASED]: Soundcloud Receives a Blessing from Stwo with 2 New Remixed Tracks within the Week!(FREE DOWNLOAD)

NSD has been following HW&W’s genius, Stwo, for a couple years now back when he released “Quiet Life” and his “Emmanuel” remix. It’s been surreal what Stwo has accomplished over the last few years. His sound has diversified and evolved over and over, and this is true to his latest remixes of Flume’s “Say It” and now 21 Savage’s “X” (Listen above).

This remix opens up like a 70’s throwback reminding us of artists like Yung Bae or Flamingosis. This is the first time we’ve heard this type of sample-based production from Stwo, but like we said, the man is very diversified in his sounds, and this track is just one example. Overall, this tune is stupid-catchy and smooth and it is hard not to like it even though 21 Savage is on.

His remix of “Say It” stays mostly true to the original to the song except the drop takes a major nose-dive hitting the lower frequencies making this track much more ominous compared to the more uplifting original. The mood for this remix fits the lyrical composition more in NSD’s honest opinion.  What do you think?

Both remixes are great, and we want to thank Stwo for the FREE DOWNLOAD on his “X” remix! If you haven’t ever heard of this mastermind, please take a listen to his older tunes below. Enjoy and Happy Hump Day!



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