[TOTD]: “Freefall” by Prlxs for That ‘Deep Space Aesthetic’

NSD randomly came across the track Freefall by Prlxs (pronounced Para-Lexis), and instantly fell in love with it’s moon vibes. The sounds depict the the genre of Dream-pop where a lot of reverb is added into the tune echoing into space. The song’s tempo provides the perfect amount of bounce into the tune. The overall tune is absolutely wavy and very beautiful.With only around 250 followers at the moment, Prlxs seems to be on a hiatus with their last track being released 8 months ago. With such a beautiful production of sound, NSD could only hope for the return of the producer. Either way, if you like the track, give them a follow on Soundcloud! We’ll be keeping tabs on them as well (;

Happy Monday!

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