[TOTD]: Justice’s New BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix is Phenomenal

If you listened to Justice’s Essential Mix back in 2007, you would know it was very Electro Heavy with lots of Daft Punk and unreleased Justice material at the time. Almost 10 years later, Justice returns to the BBC Radio 1 studio to record their closing mix for 2016 after their release of their second album Woman (2016). Woman did not capture the hearts or the popularity of their debut album Cross (2007). However, artist’s sounds are always evolving and the fans can only embrace the work they’ve put their heart and soul into.

This mix is composed of many elements of all different genres. You won’t hear their normal electro sounds. It is how the duo themselves describe it: Slow, naughty and heavy.  Everyone from Frank Ocean to Gesaffelstein  is featured on this mix, but Justice really brought a heavy old-school Rock vibe into their set including artists such as Pink Floyd, Flaming Lips, Tame Impala and The Rolling Stones. NSD believes this is a nostalgic compilation of tunes that inspired Justice to be and to create the music they make today.

Hope everyone had a great new years!


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