[TOTD]: BAESIC’s Beat Lab Radio Vol. 129 Helped Me Survive California’s Rainstorm [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Last week was a rough and pleasant week for Californians like myself. The weekend consisted of heavy rainfall all throughout the weekend and if you are anything like me, you were cooped up in your room either watching the newly released Series of Unfortunate Events series on Netflix, or browsing through Soundcloud in your dimly lit room with the only source of light being a small candle on your nightstand.

Whilst scavenging through my Soundcloud feed, I found this half-hour mix by LA-based producer/DJ BAESIC. I hadn’t seen the name in over a year, but I remember listening to one of her first minimal trap tracks (I cannot remember the name) that consisted of a Super Mario sample [EDIT 01/27/16: That track name was 1 Up by Cray…wrong artist.. smh lol]. I played the mix (Play above), and boy, it was the best thing I heard the entire weekend.

The whole mix curated by BAESIC and published under Beat Lab Radio based out in Oregon was fitted for the rain last weekend. It was heavy, deep, and immersed in emotion. The producer carefully picked out every song for this mix and chose them justly. NSD cannot ID any of the tracks on this mix and since there is no tracklisting & we will probably be forever in the dark with the names of these tracks… It truly is a sad day 😦 Either way, enjoy the mix on the next day of rainfall.


Check out more from BAESIC!

Also Check out Beat Lab Radio!
Broadcasting every Thursday night 9:30-11pm PST on 92.9FM KRXF in Central Oregon and stream live worldwide at BeatLabRadio.com

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