[TOTD]: Beat Lab Radio is Too Good At the Moment… (Artist Spotlight: Edamame) (FREE DOWNLOAD)

NSD recently followed producer, Edamame, and has been really into his content. We found his Beat Lab Radio mix (No. 92) and instantly fell in love. The Chicago-based producer, Ed Harris, falls into a genre-less category.

“More of an organic experience than emotion-provoking, this beatmaster invites his listeners on a brainwave joyride by creating songs that help you float.”

NSD remembers a beautiful excerpt written by SkullKid that essentially connected the intimacy of music and meditation. You could read about it here. In that excerpt, Skullkid talks about Jazz, but this mix by Edamame can perfectly portray the relationship between music and meditation. This is the absolute greatest thing about music: the ability to portray mood, feelings and emotion whilst stimulating the mind.

If you are interested, you should definitely check out Skullkid’s mix above as well! NSD will be writing more about it in the future. For now, enjoy & relax this weekend with Edamame.


More from Edamame!

Also Check out Beat Lab Radio!
Broadcasting every Thursday night 9:30-11pm PST on 92.9FM KRXF in Central Oregon and stream live worldwide at BeatLabRadio.com

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