[TOTD]: Krill Bill by PartyWave Has No Chill

NSD got a tip over the weekend to listen to PartyWave by one of our buddies. Corey McCarley AKA PartyWave was from beautiful San Diego, California but now resides in Hawaii where he surfs and cooks up fresh tunes for listeners like us. His sound is heavy on bass and supplies us with an array of lower frequencies for all you bass junkies. Krill Bill is a prime example of Corey’s style of production. The 808’s on this track are completely insane! NSD hasn’t heard a banger this heavy since Rusty Hook’s edit of Aurora by Cashmere Cat (and that was released two years ago!). The whistling sample from Kill Bill is also heard on Rob $tone’s Chill Bill released two years ago as well. NSD is just waiting for the mash-up of these two tracks. (;

Word on the street says that PartyWave will be playing a show in San Diego sometime soon. Big ups to San Diegans including ourselves. Do yourself a favor and check out Corey McCarley/PartyWave!


More from PartyWave!

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