[RELEASED]: Thank Redbull Music for this Carmack x Tennyson Collaboration

Redbull Sound Select challenged Mr. Carmack and musical sibling duo, Tennyson, to create 3 tracks in 3 days last week. All three tracks were named after the days they were released (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). All tunes have the subtle sound of Carmack and the magical melodies of Tennyson. When NSD heard of the news that the three individuals were collaborating to make music, we couldn’t help but think how their sounds would collide. Surprisingly, all tracks had the very essence of both artists! With Carmack’s versatile nature, he can probably work with anyone and make a fire track.carmacktennyson

Photo taken from RedBull Sound Select

Their very last track, Thursday, even features BJ The Chicago Kid with the included vocals. It’s always a pleasure seeing artists with different styles of sound collaborate together to hear what their finished product would sound like. Tennyson and Carmack surely had a lot of fun within those three days to work with each other, and their finished product was surely magical.

Listen to more from Carmack!
Listen to more from Tennyson!
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Hope everyone has a wonderful week,


3 thoughts on “[RELEASED]: Thank Redbull Music for this Carmack x Tennyson Collaboration

    1. Always a pleasure to share awesome sounds with others (o: My favorite track would have to be Tuesday; I think it has an even balance of both Carmack’s sharp sound and Tennyson’s soothing jazz… thanks for reading!!


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